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Isabella Boateng

New Jersey Based Lifestyle Blogger, Event Coordinator, Founder of Truth By Bella and Podcast Host of Truth By Bella’s Truth Talk .

Launched in 2014 as a lifestyle brand that expresses the unspoken truth through words and photography by a bold, Ghanaian-American, young woman and a believer, Truth By Bella serves a source of inspiration and encouragement for viewers and readers. 

  Hey there, I’m Isabella! By God’s grace, I’ve completed my undergraduate degree in the fields of Business and Event Planning.

 Truly love writing since 2008 and being behind the camera taking photos since 2010. I would consider myself the perfect example of an ambivert individual.

 I know you’re probably curious what motivated me to start Truth By Bella. I will let you in on my Why.

In 2008, I found myself free writing for an English class to writing poems and paint pictures with my words. Moreover in 2010, I found myself just falling in love with being behind the lens whether it was a portrait, scenery, or indescribable moments. 

 Everyone that knows me knows that sugarcoating is not an action of mine. Overtime, I found myself connecting with people when it came to events. My passion for event planning grew from there before college. Lastly, Truth By Bella’s podcast was birthed to connect today’s pop culture to the word of God.

God truly blessed me with the gift of words of wisdom which is what I utilize whenever speaking to someone or recording a podcast episode. All glory belongs to Him because He has literally been my guide when it came to my brand development. 

 I’m excited for what the future holds and utilizing my talents at hand with my purpose. 

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