"Collaboration Keys" Episode

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If you haven’t been listening to Truth By Bella on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, & other podcast platform, You Are Missing Out On Great Content!

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I recently released a podcast with my co-host and friend of mine on speaking about the topic of Collaboration. We really dived it into the topic and spoke about it in different perspectives. You should check it out and let me know what you think

Hello Truth Talk

Welcome Back to Truth By Bella, 

 I hope you're updated on the Good News! Please check out the post before this if you haven't seen. If not, I'll fill you in on what's been happening with Truth By Bella and give you an update.

In March, I started my Truth By Bella podcast which I call Truth By Bella's Truth Talk.

I am truly proud to announce that it could be heard worldwide on 10 DIFFERENT PLATFORMS NOW!

The platforms that my podcast has been on grew from 3 platforms to 9 platforms in matters of weeks.

I'm honestly thankful to God and proud of myself for finally saying "YES" and letting God led the way!

 I've been so filled with excitement and joy. I did wait on announcing on about my podcast to the world because I wanted to make sure I was moving in the right direction and being obedient to the Holy Spirit before rushing ahead of what was planned. 

I have received nothing but positive feedback on my episodes especially my last two recent ones which are titled "Pushing The Wheel" and "Choosing Purpose Over Preferences". 

If you haven't heard it yet, don't worry there’s time for you to head over Spotify Podcast section or Apple Podcast app (It’s totally free to download the purple app if you don’t have it)

Check It Out & Let Me Know What You Think

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Listen Up, Good News!

Hey everyone! 👋🏾

Guess the cat’s out of the bag with this one here 😂


I’m so excited because I could finally share with the world that my podcast on Podcasts, Pocket Casts & Anchor App 🎉 
It’s under Truth By Bella of course but it’s truly called Truth Talk! 👀

I’ve already dive into some topics that a lot of people need to hear on. 
Started this podcast a few months back but I chose to wait on the time to share it. I’m glad I did it in the time that I did 💕 
Hope you enjoy listening to my podcast!

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- Isabella, Truth By Bella

Look Forward To Wine & Words

Hello everyone, 

 Glad to see you're still here with Truth By Bella! Don't worry, I have some good news for everyone. In case you haven't heard from me or seen via my Instagram @truthbybella or @b_hunterx3 , I will just expose the secret to you all!

I'm very excited to invite everyone to my upcoming event on FRIDAY JULY 21ST. The event is called Wine & Words. Tickets are ON SALE now and you will have to PURCHASE below via Eventbrite.  

Information Below

truth by wine

What Is Wine & Words?

A Different Kind of Party Filled With Networking Opportunities, Positive Vibes, Along with Good Eats & Drinks. It is a 21 & Over Networking Event. Here's an opportunity for different people from all over New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania area to meet each other and along network. You never know what you may meet at an event like this. Perfect opportunity for individuals who are bloggers, photographers, graphic designers, dancers, musicians, business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and many more. Just don't forget to PURCHASE YOUR TICKET BEFORE JULY 19TH.


With that being said, there are LIMITED TICKETS (30 Tickets To Be Exact).

Ticket Information

The ticket covers your admission, seat at the event, drinks, food & other components. The event is  a BYOW. You’re welcome to bring your own wine bottle

Click the below to directly PURCHASE your ticket before July 19th.

If you have any questions about the events, please contact me via Instagram @TruthByBella or feel free to email us via

Let's Get Social

Hello everyone,

Guess what? I'm finally a college graduate! I'm going to share with you all a small snippet of my college journey later on this week on Friday, May 26th. With that being said, it's finally Summer Break for majority of college students at this time of the year. 


Summer is coming around the corner! As a student who studied Business Administration and Event Planning, I am prepared to make sure that this summer is a FUN for everyone I know. This post is titled "Let's Get Social" for a specific reason. I wanted you to become more social and ready to have fun.

Before I finalize my planning for this summer events that Truth By Bella is going to have, I need your help. Being that I received plenty of positive feedback on my questionnaires, I created a fun, short one to get some insights on what I should tailor for my upcoming events. Click the Social Questionnaire to start!

Since you're reading this post right now, it would be awesome for you to participate in taking my questionnaire. I promise you, it only took me about less than 3 minutes to complete. 

Thank you for your help and time, 

Isabella, Truth By Bella