Hello December


It’s Finally December. I’m excited and surprised on how fast 2017 went by.

New Month, New Goals!

I’ve been laying low on Truth By Bella when it comes to blogging but don’t worry it’s only for preparation on what’s to come next 👀🙌🏾

As I stated on my birthday (11/17), I honestly hope everyone is ready for what’s to come next. I have people coming up to me asking “when are you going to do my next networking event?” “When are you going to do another photoshoot?” The answer to both of those questions is VERY SOON! 🤗

Just letting my creative mind flow. Can’t ever rush the process which is one thing I most definitely learned this year 🤷🏾‍♀️ May all of our days in December be filled with LOVE, Success, Blessings and most importantly Happiness 🙏🏾

Much Love to everyone, 
Isabella from @truthbybella 💕💕