Let's Get Social

Hello everyone,

Guess what? I'm finally a college graduate! I'm going to share with you all a small snippet of my college journey later on this week on Friday, May 26th. With that being said, it's finally Summer Break for majority of college students at this time of the year. 


Summer is coming around the corner! As a student who studied Business Administration and Event Planning, I am prepared to make sure that this summer is a FUN for everyone I know. This post is titled "Let's Get Social" for a specific reason. I wanted you to become more social and ready to have fun.

Before I finalize my planning for this summer events that Truth By Bella is going to have, I need your help. Being that I received plenty of positive feedback on my questionnaires, I created a fun, short one to get some insights on what I should tailor for my upcoming events. Click the Social Questionnaire to start!

Since you're reading this post right now, it would be awesome for you to participate in taking my questionnaire. I promise you, it only took me about less than 3 minutes to complete. 

Thank you for your help and time, 

Isabella, Truth By Bella