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I’m very excited to share with everyone my little, BIG secret that I Write for Godly Today as a Contributing Writer ✏️ I haven’t given up on writing and God made certain of that! 🙌🏾 I will eventually share more of how God has been working within my life consistently especially when it came to writing for Godly Today and the timing 🙏🏾 Grateful for every opportunity that has been presented before me these past years!

A big thank you to Jamal Miller  and Natasha Ann Miller for sharing their vision and allowing me to be apart of it as a Contributing Writer for Godly Today! 

With that being said, Everyone make sure to check out my article “You Don’t Need Approval... You’re Already Accepted” on 🤗

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Check out other articles on the website as well. I guarantee you that every article will bless your life! Thank you for your time, Beautiful People 💕 Stay blessed! 

- Isabella, Truth By Bella