Hello November!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018: 
Hi there 👋🏾 Happy November! 💃🏾 This month is certainly going to be busy one for me. I already know it by looking at my calendar blocks 😬. I was speaking to a peer of mine about Change earlier in the week. 
There are certain things in life we simply cannot change. We’re not able to change where we grew up, what family we were born into, and how we look like. We cannot change many external circumstances of our lives. The great mistake that a lot of people make is that they allow these aspects of their lives to drag them down. 
However when we’re faced with unchangeable facts, it is important to understand that we can still change the way we think and look at it. You have the Power to not allow it to stop you from being who God wants you to be and pursing your dreams. Similar to the famous saying “When Life gives you Lemons 🍋, you make Lemonade” 🤗 Embrace the change in your life! 
Hope you had an awesome day!

- Isabella, Truth By Bella