Truth By Bella's "Pink & Blue Letters"

Hi everyone, 

 My lovely viewers, it has been a WHILE! When school is in session, I took a hiatus from blogging, photography & most social media networks. I actually enjoy using Snapchat because I get the chance to post something really quick & back to work.

I know you're probably interested on what the title of the post means with "Pink & Blue Letters". I'm going to explain it now. I'm sure everyone has seen that movie "Think Like A Man" or some have even read the book "Think Like A Man, Act Like A Day". Confession: I read the book & watch the movie countless of times. :) Steve Harvey was brilliant with that & gave females a notion into what guys think about. His radio station has read "Strawberry Letters" every morning. 

Strawberry Letters: Letters emailed to Steve Harvey & Shirley's radio station when older people talk about their current relationships and basically asking for advice. It's completely anonymous. I've heard some interesting letters on their radio station.

So Truth By Bella is doing same thing here. Here's your chance to receive advice from me. I must say I'm candid, honest person.

It's called Pink & Blue Letters.

You, the reader, could send an email to:

The subject line of the email depends on what sex you are

^ Subject Line: Pink Letter (Females) or Blue Letter (Males) ^

In the body, start off with "Dear Isabella" or "Hey Bella", then you could talk about a past or current relationship/friendship you're in. A situation you would want honest advice on. Everything is confidential. I would advise you to NOT add any names in your letter. However if you do, I will change the name to a generic one. Make sure you explain the situation well enough so I could understand & be able to give clear advice. 

When you're done, sign with an Adjective on how you're feeling

I'm going to create a video to explain if you're not clear on what I mean :)

Hope to hear from you soon,