Pink Letter #1


Hey Bella,
Well I'm in a situation with this guy from school. We are not in a relationship, we aren't intimate but we are aware of the feeling that we have for each other. I really like him however I'm uncertain about his ability to be faithful. He older then me and he's an athlete so alotta females are always in his DM's or sending pictures.  He tells me not to worry but how can I not if they are everywhere. He doesn't want a relationship now and I understand cause I don't want either. I feel like we are just stuck because we both like each other but is that enough?”



Hi there,

 Thank you for sharing your situation with my viewers and me. If you guys have feelings for each other, why aren’t you guys in a relationship? Or do you guys just like the idea of each other being there? That was the first thing that popped up in my mind. With the DMs part, it should matter how he is also responding back to these females. If you feel like he’ll be unfaithful to you in a relationship, girl let him go and let him be with the girls that are in his DMs. If a male likes a female, he would not entertain other females in his DMs.  Keep that in mind because I’m positive that you’re a beautiful, intelligent, young Queen. If you know you truly want a relationship, don’t go along with the idea that you don’t cause the guy you want isn’t ready for one. If you stay “stuck” in this situation with him, you never know if you’re missing out on another person who is right for me. Honestly, try moving on and focusing on yourself or stand your ground with him and set things straight. He’ll eventually realize on what he is missing out on. Just keep your crown straight and your prince charming will come to you. I hope I helped you out today :)

 - Isabella