Positive Vibes Only - 2016!

Hello viewers, 

 I must say that 2016 is going by really fast. 6 months in, 6 more months to go until 2017. I'm excited because I have 6 months to go for my birthday month! Before anything, I need to emphasize on the goals I've had set for this year. 

I missed out on posting my new year goals in January. I made a promise to myself in January that this year should only be filled with Positive Vibes Only! With that being said, it helped me to see the positive in situations instead. If an individual or a situation brought negative energy, I tried myself to not let the person or situation affect me. And I can tell that I've been doing awesome with that so far. 

You know when you're doing good when people randomly point it out to you. Having an optimistic mind will indeed open a lot of doors for you. Staying positive has opened so many opportunities for me this beautiful year.

Looking forward to planning a few events hosted by Truth By Bella coming this Summer 2K16! Blessed to receive the opportunity to be an Event Coordinator for RealisticLinx, Inc. As a Business & event planning student, I've learned outstanding tips to put forward for my upcoming events.

Hope everyone is ready to tune into & join Truth By Bella :)