Retrieving My Love & Blog

Hello Everyone
It's me, Isabella
The owner of this blog & website

I haven't been posting in a while
Due to being in school and focusing on books
Now that I'm home
I've fallen back in love again...

With my lover Photography <3

Photography is nothing new to me
I've been in love with creating art through pictures
Been that way since 2009
When I started my high school career

I was always that one friend
Who always had a camera on her 
So much memories replayed in my camera
Had to put that on pause

Anyone who knows me
Knows that I love to take pictures of
my environment and people around me

Since I was in school
And forced to focus on my future
I paused doing what I love
To going on with what I was required to do

Now I've been in college for almost 2 years
No one could tell me to 
put aside my passion for a career all the way in the future

So stay tune for photos I've taken
They will be posted on my blog & my Instagram in a few days
In the New Year 2015!

Poet, Truth By Bella
Photographer, BellaPhotography