"Sapiosexual" by Donnell

“Let’s have intellectual intercourse…

The type of sex that can’t be forced. It isn’t physical. I have to slowly insert my words through your medulla once it’s moist and ready. I plan to go deep. Real deep.

The type of deep that can’t be measured by feet. It’s infinite. I’m gonna give you the type of love that’ll make you remember this for years to come. I promise when I make your soul cum, it’ll be of mental stimulation.

The sensation and pleasure makes you even wetter and the intercourse gets that much better. I slowly lick you down with each letter until it forms into a word or verb. You’ll be shaking so much you can’t even say a word. I can tell you’ve never had this type of sex before. This mental thing. But it’s okay.

I’m going to help you through this by swirling my tongue around your emotions until you finally are ready to open that sweet spot. The clit of your brain. Where I’ll suck it with insane pleasure unless you release all your deepest secrets. Can I tell you a secret?

Our generation of men lacks the essence of understanding the internal before enjoying the curves of your external. But me, I like to get deeper than the sea until I can see your third eye. And open it so you can finally see the truth. But once I get inside that warm and squishy brain it’ll only be proof that you’ve never had anything as big as me.

Just wait and see.”

- Donnell Morris (ig: @princedonnell)

Note: I know everyone's thoughts are running wild. This was one of my favorite posts by Donnell Morris. He's really motivational on Instagram in regards of bettering yourself. Check him out.