Simple Motivation

"Don't take your happiness for granted.

Don't let a good day die off in the burning sunset.

Don't let it fade out the light without you remembering what it was like in the darkness.

Know it. Know how it makes you feel. Know it while it's with you.

It's not meant to be yours forever and neither is the pain it leaves behind when it's gone.

Know it. Know your happiness. Know your laughter. Know your smile.

Know all these things, and know how to make them stay. 

The longer they stay, the easier it will be to let them go."

R. M. Drake (Poem #685)

If Words Spoke ...

"There was a time

when I would have believed them

If they told me that you could not come true

Just love's illusion

But then you found me and

everything changed

And I believe in something again.

My whole heart

Will be yours forever

This is a beautiful start

To a lifelong love letter.

Tell the world that we finally got it all right

I choose you

I will become yours and

you will become mine

I choose you

I chose you

We are not perfect

We'll learn from our mistakes

And as long as it takes 

I will prove my love to


I am not scared of the elements

I am underprepared, but

I am willing

And even better

I get to be the other half of you."

- Sara Bareilles