Prayer Exposes Hooks!

Hey everyone 👋🏾 Today, I saw this post below from @jerryflowers.jr down my Facebook & Instagram feed and felt it in my spirit that I need to share with everyone that’s on my IG & Facebook feed:


“If not careful, You can be so excited that a decent man finally approached you, a decent job opportunity was offered, or a decent woman came into the room and due to your excitement you won't be able to see or discern that God didn't send this... Believe it or not, EVERY OPEN DOOR isn't a God door and every self proclaimed good man, good woman or godly man or godly woman aren't godly at all (can I please get a witness)!!!! Some opportunities are really TRAPS playing dress up, and some people are really PAWNS NOT PURPOSE, this is why I believe we are told, in Proverbs 3:6 "In all your ways acknowledge Him (God), and He will direct your paths" See we see the man/woman, but God sees the hook, so you're calling it Bae but God is calling it Bait!!! Don't bite that, I didn't send that, there's a hook in it! Prayer exposes hooks.” ✨ 🗣 

This post speaks VOLUME! A lot of us are guilty of accepting what/who comes into our lives without praying or even discerning because we’re so excited and believe that it’s automatically God sent. Sometimes we don’t even realize that opportunities or people that comes into our lives at times may be trapping us from moving forward in where God wants us to be. 
I’m Asking Everyone That Is A Believer of Christ To Please Keep Your Eyes Open 👀 Twice As Wide As You Speak & Post On Social Media! Always Remember Prayer Exposes Hooks! 🙏🏾
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