"Til The Death Of Her"

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Intrigues a lot of questions
Doesn't it?

"Your body is suppose to be your temple"
Isn't that what she hears as she grows up
This temple that has grown & 
Has become a desire for men.

She believes herself that he loves me
Does love come with hands being put on your body?
Constantly wondering when... 
Is he going to make his next move
Today, tomorrow or the next day after that

He told her that he loved her
Always made her feel like she was important
But little did she know
It was only the beginning of 
what she was worried about

Why did their bad times outweigh the good times?
He ruined her temple
Bruised & scared it around the clock
But he loved her right?

For her, love was all sweat, blood, and war
But without any questions
Without anything in return
She did everything for him

Never forgetting the scars, 
His face, his smell,
And her constant tears

The only thing she wouldn’t do
is.. Leave.
Because she’s in love 
with a man who abuses her 
and lies to her about loving her

- Isabella B.