America, How Sweet

As I sit back, I read and listen to people who are like me and in similar shoes of my own talk about how they are scared. I find this whole situation from the election to people speak out of their mouths to say words such as "Nigger" or "you don't belong here". As a black female, I will not sit back and be scared of what might happen if I open my mouth respond to a person with such negative intent. That couldn't have been me! 

As a blogger, I thought about how could I phrase things in this post about the country I live so I wouldn't paint it terrible. Truthfully, it is bad! No matter how the media tries to sugarcoat what's happening. To be experiencing the reality of the situation, I have realized that there is still a chance to become better and prevail pass the negativity of some people in this world. 

America, how sweet the sound of your name to those who don't know what is happening with you. I am still in shock that Donald Trump was elected as President! It is what it is. The only problem is the supporters of him. I must say that this election shined light on those who find it hard to accept a diverse America. There is a slight fear on how January 20, 2017 will be for the Presidential Inauguration.

I will never forget being apart of a silent march on November 15th hosted by an organization on my school campus Black Men Unified. So much controversy the guys had to deal with due to the fact the timing was after the Election. Also tying in the fact, we are students at a PWI (predominantly white institute). As families and students silently marched, we overheard some students yelling on the sideline saying "Trump 2016, Trump 2016" and running away like some punks. Ignoring that because the main focus was to remember the Black Lives lost due to police brutality. What made the march stronger in that moment was how none of the individuals marching responded to that absurdity that was happening. We maintained focus and did not react.

As I stood in front of a candle holding an image of Tamir Rice. I thought how a young, black child lost his life innocently. Imagining how devastated his family and loved ones were by hearing the news. Keeping in remembrance of those who lives have been taken: Sean Bell, Philando Castle, Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, and many more. May they all rest in peace. The list goes on and on. It saddens me and touched upon my post about my Black Truth from this past summer. If people think that removing and harming other will make this nation "Great Again", they are highly incorrect and blinded by the media. America is captivated and always attracted by corruption.