Single Time Of Year


Winter break is finally here! I’m so excited to finally relax from school. Time to catch up with friends, read novels and push through this cold weather. Finals week had everyone I know on the edge of his or her seat.

It’s the Holiday Season! Christmas and New Year’s are just days away. In my younger days before college, I used to get happy when Christmas came around. As I grew up older, it became dull. The importance of this time of year shifted from receiving gifts to spending time with loved ones. Time is essential because it is an element of life you could never regain once lost and wasted. 

I'm certain no one likes to waste his or her time. Fear of wasting my precious time is one of the reasons I am not in a relationship. It's been a while since I've spoken about this particular topic. Like a person on a diet being in front of a cupcake store, it could be tough being single during the holidays.

I could honestly admit being single during the holiday season has its pluses and negatives. Conversations with friends spark my urge to speak this topic. So I thank them and constantly reminding me that I am an independent and single!

 We all have what I would consider as "nosey relatives" who happens to make your relationship status at times conversation starters. I've witnessed this happen to friends of mine and even had a first hand experience with this. It's normal at this point of my life especially being in college for a few years. Coming home and going to events to hear aunties and uncles ask me about how is college and what am I majoring in along with the instant response "Why not nursing?". Relatives would grill you on your love life and ask why you haven't brought a guy or a girl as your significant other home. Dodging the awkward conversations and wanting to dip when being around couples kissing on New Year's Eve. 

Brace yourself and always be ready to respond properly to certain pressing questions when you're single around the holidays! Pressing questions like, "Are you dating anyone?" "Seeing anyone special?" "So who is your Bae?" 

Suddenly old friends, relatives, and family friends become so interested in your love life especially when you are by yourself. How to resolve answering those pressing questions: Smile and explain to them there's no one special at the current moment. Add in there some hopeful words so they don't think you're miserable being alone. At this point of my life, I believe that being single during this holiday season is beneficial. Of course, those in relationships may disagree or low-key agree with me. That's completely fine!

Why do I say that being single could be a benefit during the holiday season? It may suck to be on social media especially Instagram around this time of year, when those in relationships will post images of gifts received by their lovers or share New Year's Eve kissing photos. Trust me, everyone will eventually get there at one point of his or her life. When you're single around the holiday season, you could spoil yourself and spend time loving yourself while living it up! Focus on building a better you, health, and maintaining healthy relationships. You could easily catch up with friends, meet new people at events, and volunteer to help those in need.

Who knows you may run into an old fling from your hometown or meet an individual that's worth building a relationship with. Hit 'em with "How You Doin'?" and exchange numbers.

Whether you're single, in a relationship, married, or uncertain on your love life (the clip below is for you


Just remember to spread LOVE this holiday season. Lots of people need love in their lives. It is a key to thrive through singleness and this holiday season. Love others at the point you would want to loved. Be there for those in need and considerate of how they may feel. To my singletons out there: Reminder just because we are single right now, doesn't mean we will be single forever!


If you could get through this holiday season, best believe you will be able to get through Valentine's Day in 2017. February will be here before you know it!

On that note, I'm dancing my way out of this post. Happy Holidays to all! I will be looking forward to the beautiful Instagram posts & Snapchats :)

- Isabella B., Truth By Bella