Are You Real?

I'm sorry to question your existence.
But once again, I have to ask you: are you real?
Cause I can't stomach the thought of you
Being like me but denying that we're the same

We both have a mind that contemplates;
A body that breathes &
A heart that loves.
And I believe we're both human

Unless you're turning out to be an individual
Who questions God's creation.
You could claim as much as
you want to believe that you're real.

In the end, you could pull over fake actions.
Don't get me wrong but...
A person who is "real"; does not need to repeatedly
enforce the thought of being real into others' mind.

Yet once again, I'm moving towards a lot
of touchy situations for you
The truth has only begun
And I don't want you, my reader, to be afraid
Of something I might say.

I'm leaving this first post with my initial rhetorical question;
Are you real?

- Isabella B.