Broken Walls

The start of a commitment begins with 
two people making a promise,
However that promise could 
last forever or just for the moment.

In relationships, 
over time
our walls begin to break and fall down!

In the few months, everything is a fairytale beginning.
Everyone’s happy.
Feelings are mutual.

Time flies. And flies. 
Flies into the next 3 months.
Change erupts what was once a fairytale.
That promise becomes forgotten & hidden.

No one is happy anymore. 
Feelings aren’t mutual.
Begins to wonder: Whose fault was it? Mine? His? Hers?

The walls crumble more. 
Can’t fix everything now.
Best thing to do is to move out and on. 

Once, one will always cherish the pieces of the broken walls.
On these walls are memories and flashbacks of the time spent.

What to do with the broken walls? No one knows. 

-Isabella B.