Bye, Bye Starbucks?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today is April 20th, you know what that means. Of course, it means a day away from Friday and the weekend is here! I'm excited and hope everyone else is. Over Spring Break, I thought about doing a challenge for myself. Also I wanted to do something I could share with my viewers. I came up with an awesome idea but I kept procrastinating on starting this challenge. If you want to know why, it was because I was addicted and found it hard to break away from this. Today was the day I put my foot down and start my week challenge. I let go out drinking soda and have been water. Not only water I have been consuming, but Starbucks has been my go to! I think it is coming to the time for me to say bye to Starbucks well try my best.

I will definitely keep everyone looped into this challenge of mine. 


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Enjoy your day, 

Isabella, Truth By Bella