Did It Last?

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

If you guys were with me right now, you would probably hear how excited I was saying "Happy Wednesday". I'm always excited to share new things with you all, especially keep you all updated with this one week challenge of mine. So if you read my previous blog post "Bye, Bye Starbucks?" & saw my video on Instagram , you would know exactly what I'm talking about.

In case you haven't seen either of those, I will give a quick summary of what my challenge was all about. So basically since I've been in college and especially in this semester of college being my last, I've been finding myself constantly ending up at Starbucks on campus at least twice a week. I always like trying new drinks and find it relaxing after having a tasty Strawberry Refresher. As school starts to wine down and crunch time is upon all college students, I realized how addicting Starbucks was to me. I wanted to challenge myself to not drink Starbucks for a week (7 days, in my book). I had some support from a few friends and even heard some who thought I wouldn't even get past 3 days without breaking the challenge. So here's a video update below of my challenge that I promised I will share with everyone! Also revealed my 1st Giveaway Winners in this video below

Results of The Challenge (Video Below)

Giveaway Winners: Don't forget to contact TruthByBella via Instagram (@truthbybella) for details on your prize. :)

Thank you all for the support,

- Isabella B. (Truth By Bella)

Bye, Bye Starbucks?

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today is April 20th, you know what that means. Of course, it means a day away from Friday and the weekend is here! I'm excited and hope everyone else is. Over Spring Break, I thought about doing a challenge for myself. Also I wanted to do something I could share with my viewers. I came up with an awesome idea but I kept procrastinating on starting this challenge. If you want to know why, it was because I was addicted and found it hard to break away from this. Today was the day I put my foot down and start my week challenge. I let go out drinking soda and have been water. Not only water I have been consuming, but Starbucks has been my go to! I think it is coming to the time for me to say bye to Starbucks well try my best.

I will definitely keep everyone looped into this challenge of mine. 


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Enjoy your day, 

Isabella, Truth By Bella